DAOLaunch Tokenomics Reveal


DAOLaunch Tokenomics Reveal

The DAOLaunch token ($DAL) is an exchange and utility token that serves multiple use cases within the DAOLaunch ecosystem.


Token Information

  • Token name: DAOLaunch
  • Token symbol: $DAL
  • Token Type: BEP-20(Binance Smart Chain)
  • Contract: 0x53e4b7Aa6cACcb9576548Be3259e62dE4Ddd4417
  • Decimals : 18
  • Total Supply:6,000,000 DAL
  • Initial Circlating Supply: 283,014 DAL ( $283,014 )


$DAL Token Utilities


Require 1 DAL tokens to mint DVC-NFT. When more people use DAOLaunch, DAL token supply will decrease as the token demand increases.

Brand as Investors

Any investors able to brand themselves as Decentralized Venture Capital, to negotiate better invest allocation, seed price and other exclusive benefits normally extended to venture capitalists.

Governance Rights

Have governance rights to vote and decide on which startup worth receiving grant.

Farm Limited NFT

Farm limited NFT using DAL farming points, which is obtained to stake DAL/DAL-LP.

Create your own portfolio on DVC-NFT

DVC-NFTs also anyone to deposit/withdraw any ERC-20 asset into an NFT. ALL seed token obtained on DAOLaunch will be automatically deposited into DVC-NFT, will be transformed into your own seed index portfolio.

Earn more profits to Trade/Lend your VC Series

DVC-NFT has investment record on the blockchain, your own token index portfolio, allows you negotiate better investment terms. It is like you holding VC entity on NFT. Earn more profits to Trade/Lend your VC Entity on DAOLaunch NFT marketplace.


Detailed Token Metrics


Token Release Schedule


About DAOLaunch

DAOLaunch connects challenging entrepreneurs and individuals directly on the blockchain to support investors, allowing anyone across national borders to seamlessly create and support new financial products.
We are interested in start-up companies that are considering alternative fundraising methods. DAOLaunch will provide marketing support up till and after you complete your fundraising rounds. We will also provide marketing services on your behalf through our new and exclusive “NFT Farm” Function.


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