Our experienced experts.

Sakuro Imayama

Co-Founder & CEO
Involved in crypto since 2015, experienced in several crypto business: Crypto Focused Startup fund, exchange/trade system development, etc.
Sakuro is also a Blockchain Lecturer at Meiji University, one of Japan’s most


Co-Founder & CTO
Involved in crypto since 2015, experienced several crypto business with SAKURO.
He has 20+ years of experience as Software Engineer. Skilled in Blockchain development, Ethereum protocol, Smart contracts, and web technologies.

Kaletso Phiri

Head of PR and Marketing
Worked at Viacom CBS's MTV for 3 years. Kaletso has marketed some of the world's biggest shows like the MTV VMAs and MTV EMAs. Blockchain enthusiast by day and provides consulting services to leading music-blockchain startups by night.

Abdullah Abbas

Head of investments
An experienced angel investor with a wealth of experience working in VC settings. Abdullah has helped a number of blockchain start-ups to accelerate their growth and exposure in the industry.

Reza Datoo

Head of Community
Reza has an appetite for adventure as a young entrepreneur, and proven track record of superior services, premium products and effective dealership. Involved in crypto since 2017.


Community manager in Japan

Partners & Investors