A New World of Investment Using NFTs: Coin Choice and DAOLaunch Pt 2

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A New World of Investment Using NFTs: Coin Choice and DAOLaunch Pt 2

As we continue into the second part of our interview with Coin Choice featuring DAOLaunch CEO, Sakuro Imayama, the informational covers the benefits and more additional information about DAOLaunch.

Hen: What are the benefits of using DAOLaunch for both projects and startups?


Mr. Imayama: The merit from the perspective of the project is that by making everything on-chain first, it will appeal to investors as a more sincere and transparent manner of investing. It is also a very versatile financial tools creation platform.

Currently, you can create tokens on Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BEP). You can easily add a pitch deck as well as other marketing material like a video, trailer or even customer reviews.

With NFT farms you can easily increase the amount of value locked within a given ecosystem, its simple stake tokens for NFT rewards

DAOLaunch offers airdrops such as “DAL Drop” and “DAL Launch Pool” as part of our marketing to better facilitate token sales. This is the same concept as Binance’s launch pool, and it is a function that allows you to access the DAOLaunch network by airdropping NFTs and listed tokens to DAL token holders.

Airdrops are usually done for marketing, and the project gets nothing in return. However, DAOLaunch distributes DAL tokens in return to projects that have airdropped to DAL token holders.

It may seem like you’re flooding the markets with DAL but thats not the case. DAL token holders will be awarded points when they stake DAL and DAL LP, and can choose to use the points to receive DAL as an interest rate, special NFT products offered by DAOLaunch, or DAL drop NFTs offered by other projects. I am doing it. It provides DAL according to the points consumed, so it does not oversupply the project and basically has only merit.

The idea is to give NFT as an incentive in the case of DAOLaunch in response to staking for the projects that you support, such as Polka Dot’s Parachain Offering.

And as a decentralized venture capital initiative, we have an advisory council to keep investors informed of the startups we have and where those advisors can possibly support them. The advisory board will be attended by a variety of people, including VCs who have invested in our project, VCs who have supported us strategically, and individual investors. We would like to support various entrepreneurs who want to take on challenges! 

A picture of the DAOLaunch dApp


Hen: Please tell us the most interesting points of DAOLaunch.


Mr. Imayama: At DAOLaunch, we will use the distributed DVC-NFTs for startup voting and recording personal investment performance. The DVC-NFT, which is used for voting and records investment results, allows anyone to deposit or withdraw tokens of startups that they have invested in, and anyone can create their own seed token portfolio on an NFT. We plan to make this an industry-standard possibility. 

In general, the VC value chain consists of investment performance and a portfolio. In addition to the investment performance that exists as a DVC-NFT, if you can deposit the invested tokens and create your own portfolio on the DVC-NFT, it will be like creating a VC company or the VC firm itself on an NFT. I think that such a concept will do wonders when it comes to life. 

Additionally, NFTs can also be lent, so you can invest under good conditions, for example, by renting a VC series with a good investment record. Lenders can earn margins based on their investment performance without selling their assets. I hope to pioneer this new technology in the market.

Hen: Please tell us about the progress of DAOLaunch.


Mr. Imayama: The development team has recently been hired and most are based in Vietnam, the marketing team is from the United Kingdom, Dubai, South Africa, and India, and there are about 20 people in total. I’ve had meetings and communication that all took place on Zoom and Slack, so I’m not in trouble just because I’m in the middle of the coronavirus disaster. I also believe that having everyone in different countries and having different backgrounds has given us a risky edge. 

I myself worked as a backpacker in various countries when I was young *laughs* I’ve worked as a taxi driver in Alaska, and that experience is a little useful for presenting to international VCs in English. Of course, if you are a good person, you can hire people from any country, and the most important thing is whether there’s a mutual passion shared.

Hen: DAOLaunch has already received investment from several VC companies. Can you tell us how that happened? And what do they expect from DAOLaunch?


Mr. Imayama: DAOLaunch is funded by several VCs such as ZBC Capital, X21, BSCstation and Meridian Capital. At the time of the presentation, we focused on the growing market and how we are different from other competitors .

It may be that they are trying to fill the gap with people who are not familiar with crypto and let them flow into the IDO market, and the idea of ​​decentralized venture capital.

Hen: Who do you want to use DAOLaunch? Who should I contact if I am interested?


Mr. Imayama: People who share DAOLaunch’s vision and hope to liven up DAOLaunch together.

We want VCs and investors who have a great perspective on what value can be provided to startups, people who spread the DAOLaunch message and explain it to beginners in an easy-to-understand manner with the ability to make it exciting. I think that DAOLaunch will be more exciting if it’s more visible as time goes on. 

We are currently hosting an Advisor Counsel and Community Rewards program on DAOLaunch.

* Details of the Advisory Counsel

Advisor Counsel is a counsel group that brings together people with experience in various industries to add value to startups. It is a program that rewards you when you actually bring value to DAOLaunch. Of course, the counsel here is also attended by the VCs who have invested in us.

* Community Rewards Program

The Community Rewards Program is a program that rewards those who spread DAOLaunch far and wide. Those who explain it to beginners in an easy-to-understand manner, and excite them. I would be grateful if anyone who shares our vision and wants to liven up the world together by joining us.

If you are interested in anything else, please join the DAOLaunch community.


About DAOLaunch

DAOLaunch connects challenging entrepreneurs and individuals directly on the blockchain to support investors, allowing anyone across national borders to seamlessly create and support new financial products.
We are interested in start-up companies that are considering alternative fundraising methods. DAOLaunch will provide marketing support up till and after you complete your fundraising rounds. We will also provide marketing services on your behalf through our new and exclusive “NFT Farm” Function.

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