Artist support activities

How can DAOLaunch be used for charity activities?

When conducting support activities, it is important how to obtain the budget required for the activities and make it sustainable. What should I do? The answer lies in DAOLanuch.
Raising activity funds
You can collect activity funds by distributing your own tokens to supporters who support the activity.
Measures to provide sustainable support
If the price of the tokens distributed to the supporters who provided the activity fund rises, the supporter can support the profit again as the activity fund.
How to raise the price of tokens?
It is possible to issue a valuable NFT as part of the activity and stake tokens to get it. In other words, the value of tokens can be improved by continuing to issue NFTs that people want more.
Support system from DAOL launch
By promoting the stake of the platform's core token DAL, the project will also be able to raise funds for its activities from DAOLaunch. This is a kind fund system that only we have, even if we look around the world.