DAOLaunch 2022 Vision and Roadmap


DAOLaunch 2022 Vision and Roadmap

Dear DAOLaunchers, let me write down insight and DAOLaunch 2022 roadmap here.

The crypto market is unstable and is facing a huge bear market currently. Most launchpad projects are suffering from a price decline, including our DAOLaunch token as well, The DAL price is below $3 right now. Look at my blog that I posted at end of 2021, about my perspective on 2022.

As you can see on my posted blog above, crypto trends happen very fast.
IDOs have been a big trend since last year, everyone wants to make quick money and we actually did in 2021, but it won’t last for long.
Actually, there are lots of IDO Launchpad which records 4X~5X ATH open listing quite easily, but there are also many projects that go down below IDO price soon after.

Polkastarter, they are the pioneers of the IDO business model. It was past 1 year after they invented the “IDO Launchpad Business Model”. Currently, a lot of community members are asking “When is next IDO”, and looking for quick cash on IDO launchpads, but it’s time to change/invent a new business model.

Guys, we have the concept of a “Decentralized Venture Capital”, and we have prepared everything to achieve this vision.
We have many challenges and we’re facing a lot of obstacles, I need your support. Firstly, please do not rush, it takes time to go forward step by step, it will be most challenging and innovative, also takes a long run to achieve this. Let us share the roadmap schedule and explain some key points here.


NFT Farm and DAL staking

Target Launch: March 2022

Stake your DAL tokens or provide liquidity to be eligible for DAL Drops.
DAL token holders are able to farm limited NFTs using DAL farming points, which is obtained by staking DAL or from providing Liquidity. This is an Airdrop system for DAL token holders, just hold and stake DAL/DAL-LP, and you will receive an NFT as a reward. The DAL Drops are officially provided by DAOLaunch, and all startups, which will use the DAOLaunch NFT Promotion features. 

Due Diligence To Earn

Target Launch: Mid-Feb

Due Diligence to earn, this is new concept that we going to offer DAOLaunchers. We have DD criteria, conducted by professionals on our experienced team.
But, we want each of you guys to invest in startups and lead DD on DAOLaunch and also brand as professional investors! We will set rewards for this campaign to go to users that conduct DD and bring great startups on DAOLaunch. We will conduct Due Diligence Guidance on Discord Private group, just join on channels and ask us if you not sure how to assess project.

VC Fund launch incubated by the DAOLaunch foundation

Target launch: Early in April

We have conducted private investments into some project that show bright potential for the future and have some of the most talented teams. Besides IDO tokensales, we will start to raise funds from DAOlaunchers to access these projects, as a fund management business owned by DAOlaunch foundation.
On DAOLaunch Fund, planning to able to invest  “USD pegged tokens ” and “DAL” as funding options, you will get privilege portion when you invest by DAL.


What we see on next ?

We open chances to creditable DAOLaunchers to create a fund on DAOLaunch.
Creditable DAOlaunchers can start to apply to create a legal Fund management company through our dApp. The whole crypto market is expanding drastically and will bring sure innovation in the future, make investment into good potentials projects, help them to adding value, TP when they take off the ground successfully.

As we said, We need to change the investment approach, from short-term to long-term by adding value to startups more actively. We always open talk to members that contribute and attract growth to the ecosystem, DAL tokens will be awarded as incentives for this. 


About DAOLaunch

DAOLaunch aims to create an open and inclusive competitive environment for startup investment- the Decentralized Venture Capital concept.

DAOLaunch offers retail investors preferential investment conditions depending on their investment performance recorded on the blockchain. Recorded investments are not editable, as all negotiations are all on-chain. DAOLaunch investors can brand themselves as Decentralized Venture Capitalists and much like traditional VCs, they can negotiate more favorable investment terms.

DAOLaunch aims to change the structure of shady behind-closed-door investment deals to an open and more competitive deal structure that takes place on the blockchain. This will drastically shake up the startup industry.

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