DAOLaunch AMA Recap with Next IDO Project Mollector

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DAOLaunch AMA Recap with Next IDO Project Mollector

DAOLaunch had an amazing AMA session with Mollector and we would like to present our community that might have missed it with the recap below.

Mollector is a mystical-themed and tactical NFT card game powered by blockchain. Inspired by the Hearthstone and Dungeon & Dragon world, Mollector takes place in a fantasy universe full of wonder and also fraught with chaos, hosting a seemingly infinite amount of worlds all striving for supremacy and sometimes, for mere existence. 

Basic Information

Time: 1PM UTC | March 23

Project name: Mollector

Host: Reza Datoo from DAOLaunch (Reza/ DAOLaunch)

Guest speakers: Mike Ocampo from Mollector (Marrrk)


Reza/ DAOLaunch

Could you kindly introduce yourself and the people who are behind Mollector?   

Why are you guys the right team to build this project?


Thanks Reza

Call me Mark, I’m the CMO of Mollector

Have been in the entertainment and marketing industry for over 17 years

and more than a year in our new crypto, NFT, blockchain world

exciting times ahead

glad to be part of this industry as this is the future

as well as working for Mollector with our fantastic colleagues and founders and partners

let me share a little bit more about our founders

Mr Tung has been in the gaming industry for more than 15 years

and 3 years on blockchain games

he is also the founder of Digital Castle Studio

doing game operations, design, development and production

and our equally talent co-founder Mr. Quang

over 15 years in the gaming industry and used to work for Vietnam’s top gaming company VNG

imagine that

over 30 years of gaming experience

Shout out to Ms Dung Ho

if you are thinking where the great artwork comes from

it’s from her, our New York Times awardwinning Illustrator

talking about being the right people for this project

it is a combination of different backgrounds and specializations

but the heart of everything since our product is blockchain game

are professional game developers

with aspirations to make a blockchain as equally exciting as traditional games

who understand tokenomics well

who understands the NFT generation today

and what it takes for a game and a brand to succeed

and last but not the least with great passion to connect and build a culture with our community

apologies for a little long introduction



Reza/ DAOLaunch 

Thank you for the detailed intros!

Daolaunch users are keen to understand exactly who are the team members on the project

and why their participation leads to long term success

start ups are extremely risky and it’s good to see that the team is well rounded and experienced.


great to hear that!


Reza/ DAOLaunch 

Could you tell us more about the project, and your journey so far?  What has been your highest and lowest points?



it has been quite a journey! We still cannot believe we are already doing the IDO and the MVP product is already available

it feels like we’ve been working on it for 10 years lol

We are glad though that we have early believers

from our early advisers, investors and even gamers and communities as yourself

We are proud though that we are on track with our roadmap

we are not going to hide it

as the crypto, blockchain and NFT world keeps on moving fast and changing

we need to be focused yet in touch with what’s happening

in fact Mollector is a game that was build from scratch

and integrated the NFT and Blockchain well to optimize it well

including real time control of inflation

on the other hand, there are no perfect projects

along the way there will always be hiccups

even for Marketing and Communications

it wasn’t easy to build a balanced community

there will always be high and low points

but what is important is having a correct mindset

we will not know everything about the future, about NFT and Blockchain gaming

that’s why it’s important to collaborate , constantly be updated and working just communicating and sharing

and most of all do it together



Reza/ DAOLaunch

really enjoying your detailed responses!



thanks for that, hope everyone is enjoying and later on we want to chat further with you guys and pick some questions


Reza/ DAOLaunch 

it shows a deeper sense of the personality of the people behind mollector

So let’s talk about community. I’m crypto we often discuss incentives and the game theory behind it. 

Please list three reasons why DAOlaunch user should get involved with Mollector?



Mollector has quite a number of reasons and key points that we’d like to share

why we feel Mollector is the future of Trading Card Games

we can have a look at it both on a gamer perspective and on an investor perspective

with our founders being gamers themselves

it felt that what was missing for a number of blockchain games is to really have a high quality gameplay that players can enjoy and is quite comparable to other non-blockchain games

our founders put a lot of emphasis on high quality gameplay

the other is about our situation now and the behavior or Crypto and NFT holders

most of them don’t have a lot of time and is quite busy

and Mollector was highly optimized as a mobile friendly game

you can play anytime anywhere, just plug in your wallet

you can play one session for 3 mins

while waiting for your ride and eating breakfast

and more for the investors who are really interested about the tokens

as shared earlier, we need to find a way to have a well balanced economy

and find a way that the value of our tokens and cards go up

by having our customized Real Time burning system

those are the 3 key pints, actually there is more

but we want to give a chance for our community to ask more later



Reza/ DAOLaunch

Can you speak a bit more about What makes Mollector different from other gamefi projects?



when we use the term GameFi

we strongly believe that Game always comes first

because if you enjoy playing the game and mixed that up that you are motivated to play

the higher your points and ROI will be which means more $$$

we didn’t want to go the normal route of making only earning as the keyhook

because sooner or later it’s not sustainable

also, understand our blockchain gamers

our founders build this game for long term to play

even playable for more than 3 years

with different kinds of battling experience

PvP, PvE, Brawl mode and a lot more!

we also understand how our NFT generation now

are becoming younger and younger

they love to customize and even create artwork

so imagine using your Mollector cards

keeping the same properties but being able to change the artwork as an NFT

you can even earn by selling your customized cards

those are the key reasons we try to differentiate our project



Reza/ DAOLaunch

so many ways to earn and play 👀🔥

but more importantly the game mechanics behind the token are extremely important


but we really believe in Play to Enjoy, Explore and Earn 🙂

that is also correct 200%


Reza/ DAOLaunch

What’s the best way for users to get involved in Mollector? How can they support you during launch time and beyond?



Exciting times ahead!

As you can see we will have a mini quiz with your community

and please make sure to mark your calendars

as we have our public sale with DAOLaunch on March 26, 2022

check out our website and our important links

Don’t miss out on this and be a pioneer, head out to our Discord as well

We value our community a lot and we want them to be involved

watch out for alpha testing, be the ones to first try it

in fact, wanted to let you in on a secret

with have some top gamers from other Trading Card Games already in our Discord

so head on in 🙂

early believers will be rewarded



Reza/ DAOLaunch

well said! i’m sure the mollector community is in good hands with you

and that’s some good alpha 👀



thanks mate, we will be waiting for you as well later


Reza/ DAOLaunch

for sure



Want to thank our DAOLaunch community again for all the support

don’t want to make it look like a sales pitch

but our dream is to buid a culture

that goes beyond our game

while we wish we will be the top Trading Card Game in the world

we also need other games to grow this industry

but we can only grow it with you, the believers

and i’d rather have our product do the talking

and watch out in the future

we actually want to some day

have global events, cosplay and even create some series

and our communities wearing our cool Mollector caps and shirts


who knows

maybe we will even have a secret handshake

cos Mollectors follow Mollectors


About Mollector

Mollector is a mystical-themed and tactical NFT card game powered by blockchain. Inspired by the Hearthstone and Dungeon & Dragon world, Mollector takes place in a fantasy universe full of wonder and also fraught with chaos, hosting a seemingly infinite amount of worlds all striving for supremacy and sometimes, for mere existence.

In the first release of the game, players collect heroes cards from Six Factions; battle in different game modes & earn lucrative rewards. Players, a.k.a Mollectors travel around a mystical Galaxy, summon warriors to compete against others, defeat the World Boss and save the Galaxy. In the game’s world, Mollectors will collect, trade, consume and upgrade Hero Cards to compete against others in various game modes. On top of that, each and every card in a player’s collection can be personalized with NFT arts of their own or purchased from Mollector’s marketplace.

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