DAOLaunch Info Series Winners


DAOLaunch Info Series Winners

We’d like to thank our amazing community for taking the time to learn about DAOLaunch and how we’re going to change the future of fundraising. Without further ado, here are the answers to the quiz.

Winners are posted below

Which Problems is DAOLaunch going to solve ?

  • Investors getting dumped on
  • Shady deals behind closed doors
  • Allowing start ups to use blockchain technology


Decentralised Venture Capital-NFT’s past voting performance is kept on chain



You are able to verify if liquidity is locked via smart contracts through DAOLaunch Token Metrics Page



You need to hold DAOLaunch tokens to participate in any DAOLaunch IDO

False, you do NOT need to hold DAL to participate in IDO, to find more about the benefits of holding DAL check out our token utility.


What can you NOT do on the DAOLaunch platform?

  • Create a token
  • Set vesting schedule
  • Add project pitchdeck
  • You can do all of these

You can do all of these.


What is the DAOLaunch symbol?



List DAOLaunch Token Utilities

  • Governance
  • Mint DVC-NFT
  • Access to DAL drops


Choose a function DAOLaunch does not support

  • NFT Farming
  • Token Creation
  • AMM

The answer is “AMM”


What new concepts does the DVC-NFT explore?

It allows all investors to brand themselves using the DVC NFT to get more favorable token allocation, seed price and other exclusive benefits normally extended to VCs. DVC NFT allows you to create your own NFT token index portfolio?

Then you can deposit your seed tokens in the contract, giving you control as if you were a VC entity.‌ It also gives you the possibility to create your own VC series of NFT’s, trade and lend your NFT’s to earn capital and generate interest without giving up ownership.


How many DAOLaunch tokens will be circulating at public listing?

293,044 DAL

*293,014 is also accepted

The winners of the info series are

  1. 0x4Ab7EED811E36d0A3226C82a30d60F0Da38fA284
  2. 0xf6b8d1C624c0Ee545AaBae33fc6d454740DA40e8
  3. 0x0858EF5046C17dA7E0135dEE9357Cc70F51C6c3e
  4. 0xD3e4D150B209939b1DB297C51488730Eca9FB2ee
  5. 0xa32A7e05436eD27128FEF9c07460CcF8C7e43ad5

We’d like to thank everybody who participated and hope you learnt a lot about DAOLaunch, keep an eye out for upcoming giveaways and contests we’re doing in the run up to our launch. NFT’s will be distributed on the Polygon Network in the coming days, keep an eye out on OpenSea!


about DAOLaunch

DAOLaunch is a decentralized platform that connects investors and startups directly on the blockchain by introducing innovative fundraising solutions to the startup ecosystem. Users can effortlessly create and support new startups across all borders, and participate in transparent, flexible, and fair financing rounds regardless of being a crypto or non-crypto startup.

DAOLaunch has not released a token and any token pretending to be is an imposter. Stay up to date with our socials and keep a close eye out for our launch!

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