DAOLaunch Joins Astar/Shiden Builders Program

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DAOLaunch Joins Astar/Shiden Builders Program

DAOLaunch has been selected for the ASTAR/Shiden Network Builders Program which will accelerate its growth through Dappstaking grants, marketing, technical support, and accelerator collaboration. DAOLaunch has been adopted on the ‘Astar/Shiden Network Builders Program’ and that it will connect to the “Astar Network” and “Shiden Network” which is a multi-chain decentralized application layer.

This means that it will also be connected to the Kusama Network, which will be a big step toward bringing DAOLaunch’s vision of realizing a fairer startup investment for the world. As DAOLaunch readies for IDO and its product launch in November, we have been in negotiations with leading AMMs on the Kusama Network.


What is Astar/Shiden Network Builders Program?

Picture of Siden/Astar Network

The ASTAR/Shiden Network Builders Program was launched to promote the development and growth of the Astar Network and Shiden Network ecosystems by supporting building teams. The program is run by Stake Technologies under the Builders for Builders Initiative, and the guidance of Parity Technologies.

Specific Support Examples

Technical support

Support and code reviews for application development and maintenance on the Astar/Shiden Network.

Network and Funding Support

Collaborate with projects such as VCS, investors, industry experts, blockchain mentors, exchanges, and market makers.

Grant by dApps Staking

DApp Staking is a unique mechanism that functions like basic income to projects that deploy services on the Astar Network/Shiden Network. By developing products on Astar Network/Shiden Network, developers can earn a portion of the block generation rewards. 

Marketing Support

Community growth by announcing the project on various social media platforms such as Twitter and Telegram, being invited to community meetups and conferences as guest speakers, and sharing more about the project on bigger platforms. We also support the creation of what’s often dubbed the world’s ‘new economy’ by collaborating with other projects in the ecosystem


About Astar Network (formerly pLasma) and Shiden Network

Picture of Siden/Astar Network

Astar Network (formerly pLasma) is a Japanese-launched public blockchain that aims to solve interoperability and scalability, which are major issues facing blockchain.

We currently solve some of these problems by connecting to Polkadot which then connects different blockchains. (Shiden has the same functionality as Astar and connects to Kusama, the sister chain of Polkadot). It also supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine, and smart contracts deployed on Ethereum can be used on Astar Network/ Shiden Network.

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