DAOLaunch to IEO on


DAOLaunch to IEO on

DAOLaunch will be IEO on following its IDO dates on leading platforms, Trustpad and BSC Station.
The token sale will be live on November the 18th, 11:00 UTC – Nov19, 11:00 UTC

The DAL token will officially be listed on November the 19th, 13:00 UTC.
The DAOLaunch team is elated to be partnering with for its token sales and listing on its mission to revolutionize the decentralized venture capital space.



Token Information

  • Token name: DAOLaunch
  • Token symbol: DAL
  • Max Supply:6,000,000
  • Token Type: BEP-20
  • Contract: 0x53e4b7Aa6cACcb9576548Be3259e62dE4Ddd4417


Token distribution ratio and unlocking rules:

  • Public Sale: 10.7% 100% TGE. Trustpad/BSCStation: 25% at TGE,25% unlock monthly
  • Strategic Patnership: 15% Unlock 10.0% on TGE, 2month cliff then vesting for 10 month
  • Presale 3rd 16.5% Unlock 12.5% on TGE, 2months cliff , Vesting for 7 months
  • Presale 2nd 21% Unlock 11.1% on TGE,2 months cliff , vesting for 7 months
  • Presale 1st 16.5% Unlock 8.33% on TGE, 2 month cliff then vesting for 10 month
  • Seed Round: 20.3% Unlock 6.66% on TGE, 2 month cliff then vesting for 13month


DAOLaunch Startup Sale Rules

  1. Duration 11:00AM 18th Nov 2021  – 11:00 AM 19th Nov, 2021 (UTC)
    (Orders placed by qualified users within these 24 hours will be treated equally.)
  2. Trading starts time: 13:00 19th Nov, 2021 (UTC)
    Trading pairs: DAL/USDT
  3. Price: 0 USDT( Public Sale Price: $1 )
  4. Startup Supply: 40,000 DAL
  5. Users purchase using USDT.
  6. Unlock rule: 100% unlock.
  7. To participate in Startup Sale, users will need to be VIP1 and above, can only purchase once with each KYC account.
  8. Purchase limit: The maximum subion limit for a single user is 1000 shares;
    the relationship between the VIP level and the maximum subion allocation is: the maximum number of subions (not the final actual subion number) = the square of the VIP level multiplied by 10. For example:
    * VIP2 users can subscribe up to 2 2 10 = 40 shares
    * VIP3 users can subscribe up to 3 3 10 = 90 shares
  9. Users need to ensure that there is sufficient balance (exceeding the purchase value) in accounts for the purchase after placing the orders until we announce the sale result. An insufficient balance will result in the cancellation of the purchase order.
  10. We will collect all the qualified orders and distribute the tokens according to the ratio of the individual purchase orders to the purchase orders in total. The final result will be announced before trading starts.


Visit the DAOLaunch page  on for full details.

Join IEO


Requirements for participants

  1. The participant should register on and Log in;
  2. After logging in, complete user identity verification;
  3. Deposit a certain amount of cryptocurrencies in your account;
  4. Sign the Purchase Agreement on Startup before placing orders.

Gate will open an Automated Market Maker (AMM ) for DAL, and launch an AMM “liquidity-mining” rewards. Users who provide market liquidity by inserting liqudity in will get rewards from liquidity pool transaction fee and GT token rewards from liquidity reward pool. High annual rate rewards with secure.

AMM Trading Market and AMM Liquidity Mining has launched a new version of the liquidity pool (centralized automatic market maker (AMM) transaction service) on August 1st, 2021: allowing most of the new currency and non-mainstream currency markets to obtain the same liquidity advantage as Uniswap, and allows users to enjoy the low-cost and high-quality user experience of the centralized platform. will continue to add different currencies, please pay close attention to follow-up announcements.


About was created to enable a new generation of global traders with the tools to access the revolutionary age of cryptocurrencies, was established in late 2017 and is now a top 10 crypto exchange by real volume.

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About DAOLaunch

DAOLaunch connects challenging entrepreneurs and individuals directly on the blockchain to support investors, allowing anyone across national borders to seamlessly create and support new financial products.
We are interested in start-up companies that are considering alternative fundraising methods. DAOLaunch will provide marketing support up till and after you complete your fundraising rounds. We will also provide marketing services on your behalf through our new and exclusive “NFT Farm” Function.

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