DAOLaunch dApp Staking On Shiden Is Live Now!


DAOLaunch dApp Staking On Shiden Is Live Now!

dApp Staking on Shiden Network. 25% Kickback+Cool Limited NFT Giveaway.

DAOLaunch has been unanimously adopted by Stake Technologies, the company which develops the Shiden Network, into the “Astar/Shiden Network Builders Program”. The program focuses on a developer-first network, also known as to the groundbreaking mechanism “dApp Staking” to support developers.

This allows users to stake SDNs to “dApp Staking” to support DAO Launch while receiving regular staking rewards.

In addition, with the aim of attracting new users from the Shiden community that is expanding all over the world, we will hold two campaigns; kickback to users from the staking reward received by DAO Launch and NFT airdrop.


How dApp Staking works

Operation flow
  1. The user stakes the SDN token into the contract prepared by DAOLaunch.
  2. Staking rewards are distributed to users and DAOLaunch.

* The distribution ratio of staking rewards is usually as follows.
Developer: Staking user = 4: 1

* SDN token: Unique token issued by Shiden Network .

* Up to 512 people can participate in each dApp.

▼ If you have any questions about dApp Staking, please use Astar official Discord.


Kickback campaign

Of the rewards (SDN tokens) that DAOLaunch receives from “dApp Staking”, 25% will be returned to users.
As a result, the reward that the user receives will be “twice the normal amount”.

Distribution ratio of staking rewards
Developer: Staking user = 4: 1

Distribution ratio by kickback campaign
Developer: Staking user = 3: 2


Reference example)

If DAOLaunch receives a reward of $ 4,000
The reward for all staking users is $ 1,000,
The campaign will increase the amount to $ 2,000.
* The actual reward will be the amount prorated according to the number of users and the amount of staking with respect to the total reward.
* All items will be received at a considerable amount of SDN.


Campaign participation conditions

a.) Stake SDN with “dApps Staking”. .

b.) Follow Twitter

c.) Participate in TELEGRAM .

d.) Apply from the form that will be announced at a later date



* The return rate is subject to change.
* The campaign period will be December 2021.
* In case of extension, an announcement will be made separately.


2. Limited NFT Airdrop Campaign

All 5 types of limited NFTs will be air-dropped to the participants of this campaign.
Five participants will be selected by lottery and presented as gifts.
* The above image may differ from the NFT that is actually distributed.


How to participate

a.) Stake SDN with “dApps Staking”.

b.) Follow Twitter

c.) RT the target tweet on Twitter
* We will inform you on Twitter at a later date.

d.) Apply from the form that will be announced at a later date


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