Meridian Capital Joins DAOLaunch as a Strategic Investor

Meridian Capital Announcement Post

Meridian Capital Joins DAOLaunch as a Strategic Investor

We’re elated to share that Meridian Capital is joining DAOLaunch as a strategic investor. Meridian Capital is a venture capital group that invests in blockchain technology and digital currencies. Meridian Capital focuses on projects in early and growth stages and helps entrepreneurs develop world-class projects on blockchain technology. 


About Meridian Capital

Meridian Capital is an active team of passionate and driven blockchain/cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have weathered the depths of crypto market cycles throughout multiple peaks and troughs. We are excited to get into a partnership with a like-minded firm that is keen to develop the future of crypto by partnering with bright projects and supporting them. 

The strategic investment will focus on the following areas: 

Capital Investment 

Meridian Capital has invested an undisclosed amount of funding into DAOLaunch. 

Marketing Support

Meridian Capital will form part of DAOLaunch’s go-to-market strategy in influencer marketing. 

Advisory Support

As an investor, Meridian Capital will advise DAOLaunch on best practices in crypto investments. 

Meridian Capital Social Media Links: 

Website | Twitter | LinkedIn


About DAOLaunch

DAOLaunch was founded to realize a world where entrepreneurs and investors can benefit by connecting investors and entrepreneurs directly on the blockchain and eliminating intermediate organizations.

In start-up investment, venture capital is interposed between investors and entrepreneurs, and the environment in which these intermediaries benefit is becoming a norm. They benefit immensely from entrepreneurs that create new ideas and investors that throw capital at them.

The world created by DAOLaunch connects investors and entrepreneurs directly on the blockchain, enabling venture funding at a very low fee. Additionally, we will be the first in the world to implement a decentralized venture capital Initiative, in which each investor’s investment performance is recorded on a unique NFT token and everyone on the platform can brand themselves as a venture capital firm.

DAOLaunch is a pioneering project that opens up new markets that are in high demand. Users can create their own start-up investment portfolios on an NFT and buy and sell it directly on an auction market. Venture Capital buyouts have opened up the fiat market to the cryptocurrency world.

On DAOLaunch, It’s possible to get rates that have accumulated interest by lending your NFT investment portfolio. Investments in this light have broken the conventional wisdom that startups did not generate money until they were listed.

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