DAOLaunch To Take On Decentralized Crowdfunding


DAOLaunch To Take On Decentralized Crowdfunding

Hi DAOLaunchers, I trust you’re doing well! As you guys may have noticed – the market has crashed.

Crypto has always crashed and recovered since its birth. This market reminds me of 2018, don’t worry, we are all good and working as usual, but we are all facing massive changes and we are adapting to the current market, now currently pausing any tokensale on DAOLaunch.

When it comes to the bear market, even though there are a lot of great potential startups that exist all the time, investors will be hesitant to invest in them due to the market sentiment. As it gets harder to raise funds for startups it means it will bring more opportunities to investors to access potential startups.

We are a launchpad. IDOs were a huge trend since last year, but the market seems to be changing that. The IDO business model is to basically list projects on exchanges right after investment – a very short-term investment. But now, we also open for a long-term investment model. We need to support the projects we launch to have enough time for growth, community, and user engagement.

More Investment Opportunities with Progress Reports

Kickstarter, a world-leading crowdfunding platform recently announced that they’re moving to a decentralized crowd fundraising platform model. Huge market growth is expected in the crowdfunding market.

What Will the Global Crowdfunding Market Size be During the Forecast Period?
The global crowdfunding market share is expected to increase by USD 239.78 billion from 2021 to 2026, at a CAGR of 16.81%.
※Reference from technavio, Crowdfunding Market by Type and Geography – Forecast and Analysis 2022-2026

We’re going to open investment opportunities, select and invest numbers of great potential crypto startups for long-term investment, with Token and NFT.
The investment period should last for more than a few days and could last for a few weeks or several months. We are going to start selected startups with video progress AMAs on live YouTube. The minimum investment amount could differ from project to project. You can track their progress as to whether you want to invest or not in the project.



We’re going to cooperate with Bird, a Binance-Lab incubated chain analysis startup.

We’re happy to announce the “INVEST TO EARN” concept. DAOLaunch is going to set a $DAL reward for GOOD INVESTORS on DAOLaunch to support startup ecosystem.
※Reward program details will be revealed soon.

“GOOD INVESTOR” scoring measures tool by Bird.
The blockchain stores a rich history of complex investor behaviors. Bird’s analytics simplifies these activities into a single, powerful score.

  • High-Value Investor
    For upstart crypto projects, attracting early investors that are likely to hold their tokens for the long-term can make all the difference. Bird’s Investor Score allows projects to programmatically offer these wallets the best investment terms via a single, easy-to-use metric.
  • Low-Value Investor
    Blockchain is all about openness, so even if your past investing behaviors are focused on short-term profits, Bird-powered launchpads can still offer attractive investment terms. Bird’s Investor Score simply aligns your short-term profit objectives with the project’s long-term success.
    To read more about the Bird launchpad score, check here.


Why Should We “INVEST TO EARN $DAL ?”

Startups seek “ADDED VALUE” besides raised funds.  We should provide what can we do for startups, not only cash out right after investment, like other IDO launchpads.

What can we do for startups? What VALUE we can add to startups. Why startups should select us and not VCs to raise funds?

This “INVEST TO EARN” program gives tokens to good investors and shows startups what DAOLaunchers can contribute to them with metrics. It’s going to be a great differentiation and our strong point as fundraising crowdfunding platform.


Getting Through This Tough Market

We’re pivoting from launchpad to crowdfunding platform, due to the bear market, there are lots of opportunities to invest in good startups.

We are working hard to get by connecting investors and great startups, and we’re always doing our best to create a great future together.

We are here for the long run, cheers DAOLaunchers!


About DAOLaunch

DAOLaunch aims to create an open and inclusive competitive environment for startup investment- the Decentralized Venture Capital concept.

DAOLaunch offers retail investors preferential investment conditions depending on their investment performance recorded on the blockchain. Recorded investments are not editable, as all negotiations are all on-chain. DAOLaunch investors can brand themselves as Decentralized Venture Capitalists and much like traditional VCs, they can negotiate more favorable investment terms.

DAOLaunch aims to change the structure of shady behind-closed-door investment deals to an open and more competitive deal structure that takes place on the blockchain. This will drastically shake up the startup industry.

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