Staking on Shiden Network: Kickback & NFT Giveaway Campaign


Staking on Shiden Network: Kickback & NFT Giveaway Campaign

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the “25% Kickback” and “Limited Shiden NFT” giveaways which are exclusive benefits of the dApp Staking until the end of the year.

DAOLaunch has been unanimously adopted by Stake Technologies, which develops the Shiden Network, and the Shiden community in the “Astar / Shiden Network Builders Program”. DAOLaunch is participating in the epoch-making “dApp Staking” program.

Users can support DAOLaunch by staking SDN on “dApp Staking” whilst also receiving normal staking rewards.

In addition, with the aim of attracting new users from the Shiden community that is expanding all over the world, we will hold two campaigns, the kickback to users from the staking reward received by DAOLaunch and the NFT airdrop.


Current dApp Staking status (2021/10/27)

Amount of staking tokens: 419,139 SDN
Number of stakers: 512 (maximum number reached)

At the time of writing this article, the total amount received from the Shiden Network to DAOLaunch was 18,107 SDN ($ 66,815.00)Considering that the program has only been running for two weeks, it is an impressive amount to say the least.

This grant will be used to give back to users and provide liquidity to AMM when connecting to Shiden.


25% kickback campaign

Out of the rewards (SDN tokens) that DAOLaunch receives from “dApp Staking”, 25% will be returned to users, double the usual reward.

Staking Reward Distribution Ratio

Developer: Staking users = 4: 1

Kickback campaign distribution ratio

Developer: Staking users = 3: 2

If the reward received by DAOLaunch is $ 4,000.
Then the reward received by all users who’s normal reward would be $ 1,000, shall increase to $ 2,000 due to the reward allocation that DAOLaunch has set.
* The actual reward will be the amount decided according to the number of users and the amount of staking with respect to the total reward.
* All participants will receive a considerable amount of SDN.

Kickback SDN distribution date:

Kickback will be performed on the total reward as of November 10, 2021.
Distribution will be done in about a week after that.
From this point onward, distribution will be done on the 10th of every month.

The “25% kickback campaign” will be held until the end of the year.

If you want more rewards, stake on DAOLaunch.


Limited Shiden NFT Airdrop Campaign


At dApp Staking, we will present a “Limited Shiden NFT” specially made for those who support DAOLaunch during the dAPP staking program.

  1.  “Limited Shiden NFT” randomly selected by 5 people from all the stakers will be presented.
  2.  “Rare NFT” will be presented to the top 7 people who stake during the period.

This NFT will also be provided with a utility as a DVC-NFT on the DAOLaunch platform.

Regarding the total staked amount of each address, snapshots will be taken three times irregularly between November 1st and November 10th, and the average value will determine the top 7 addresses.

For the accounts that meet the participation conditions as of November 10, 5 people in the lottery and the top 7 accounts in total staking will be confirmed.

“Shiden Limited NFT” will be distributed within a week after the decision.

What is Shiden Limited NFT?

  • 1st place –Shiden Spinning Coin
  • 2nd place — DAOPunks (Shiden Coin Gold)
  • 3rd place — DAOPunks (Shiden Coin Gold)
  • 4th place — DAOPunks (Shiden Coin Gold)
  • 5th place –Shiden Coin Gold
  • 6th place– Shiden Coin Gold
  • 7th place –Shiden Coin Bronze

* It is not an official NFT of the Shiden Network.


How to participate

a.) Stake SDN with “dApps Staking”> “DAO Launch”.   

b.) Join our Telegram   

c.) Follow our Twitter Accounts   

d.) RT the target tweet on  

e.) Apply from the form below   


How dApp Staking works

Operation flow

  1. The user stakes the SDN token into the contract prepared by DAOLaunch.
  2. The staking reward is distributed to the user and DAOLaunch.

* The distribution ratio of staking rewards is usually as follows.
Developer: Staking user = 4: 1

* SDN token: Original token issued by Shiden Network    

* Up to 512 people can participate in each dApp.

* If you have any questions about dApp Staking, please use the Astar official Discord.   


About DAOLaunch

DAOLaunch connects challenging entrepreneurs and individuals directly on the blockchain to support investors, allowing anyone across national borders to seamlessly create and support new financial products.
We are interested in start-up companies that are considering alternative fundraising methods. DAOLaunch will provide marketing support up till and after you complete your fundraising rounds. We will also provide marketing services on your behalf through our new and exclusive “NFT Farm” Function.

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