5 Reasons Why Chirpley Could Be The Next Big Thing


5 Reasons Why Chirpley Could Be The Next Big Thing


Micro-influencers are a growing market; this much is undeniable. In a recent report, 93% of marketers said they would use micro-influencers in a campaign, and 63% said they already have. It is also attractive to note that for every $1 spent on a micro-influencer, the ROI is around $5.20. This is exciting, but how does it relate to the chirpley token sale on DAOLaunch? 

Chirpley is a micro-influencer marketplace that empowers small marketers to find influences within their niche. 

Chirpley will be the platform that enables end-to-end automated influencing campaigns through Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain technology. Chirpley will break down all barriers between small influencers and the marketing community, facilitating perfect matches with sponsors and brands. No more tiresome negotiating between influencers, marketers, and agents. No more mismatched selection of influencers and marketers.

What problem does Chirpley solve?

There are many problems when a start up tries  to connect with influencers; it is a lengthy and annoying process. 

  • There are various bottlenecks and places to go wrong when setting up a campaign, including but not limited to:
  • Struggling to find an influencer within your niche
  • How to assess what number of followers are real
  • Reaching out to influencers is a lengthy process
  • Communicating back and forth with influencers is also time-consuming

Chirpley offers the solution to make campaigns more streamlined and accurate at a highly economical, cost-efficient price. A market price is formed based on the data from the linked social media channels of the influencers.

  • Automated matchmaking
  • Data-driven influencer valuation
  • The most cost and time-efficient method to plan and automate influencing campaigns
  • Implemented with all leading social media outlets

This product has seen traction in web 2, with companies like Intellifluence surpassing 200,000 active users in February this year. (

However, this is one of the first influencer marketplaces in web 3, where it is needed and demanded more than ever. 

For early-stage start-ups, time is everything. Chirpley saves project time by auditing fake bots, checking engagement, auditing the quality of followers, and helping the negotiation process. 

Here are five reasons why we think chirpley is the next big thing:

They have a big social media following. 

Chripleys business is influencers and marketing. Naturally, it would make sense that they are strong in this area. Each video they post receives an average of 250K views. Their social media metrics are impressive as they boast 3000% growth with a combined social media following of:

Here’s how they break down per platform. 

Twitter : 20.7 K

Tik-Tok: 283K

Telegram: 10K

They currently have access to over 8000 influencers, and the number is growing!

Has market fit

Advertisers and marketers had a hard time working with small influencers. It is easier to hire a mega-influencer and reach 20 million people than work with 1000 small influencers to get the same reach.

It takes a lot of time and a lot of effort to set it up, negotiate deals, and manage all the influencers simultaneously during a campaign.

The great thing about the new Chirpley platform is that it reduces this process to a 5 minutes process. Just 5 minutes to orchestrate an entire army of the small influencers who are getting all the trust and attention of their followers.

Well thought out token economy.

20% Of platform profit is used for buy-back and burn of the $CHRP token.

The chirpley token model is exciting because the product is not limited to crypto, and Chripley is a matchmaking platform. Once significant traction has increased, there should be a constant flow of buy-backs and burns.

It is important to note that the $CHRP tokens are market bought and burnt/ The burn is not from the market, not from the treasury. Since the product has a use case outside of crypto, this will power the token. 

Engaged community

Chirpley has grown into a powerful marketing machine for many brands. They are constantly looking for new brands that want to benefit from the influence of our 3000 active micro-influencers.

Receive $500
Do you know of any project that would like to run campaigns on Chirpley? Introduce them and receive $500 after they’ve completed their first campaign.

The chripley community is well engaged, and the leadership team is quite experienced. They have several different competitions and referral campaigns that you can get involved in here:

Easy-to-use product

The Chirpley product is intuitive and easy to use!

  • Projects have access to a ‘1-click marketing bomb campaign’. These give brands the ability to choose a group of influencers who can jointly market required services in a single campaign with the right design and approach. 

Engage with hundreds of nano-influencers and their loyal audience!

Chirpley campaigns improve impressions & overall reach by utilizing the combined network impact of a group of influencers and appropriate outperforming conventional marketing techniques in terms of outcomes.


During a bear market, you have to go back to fundamentals, and it’s hard to deny that Chirpley has strong fundamentals. Once you factor in their unique product, robust token token model, and significant social media presence, it is strikingly clear that chirpley might very well be the next big thing.