DAOLaunch and V2BLabs Established a Strategic Partnership


DAOLaunch and V2BLabs Established a Strategic Partnership

DAOLaunch is happy to introduce our newest strategic partner V2B Labs. V2B Labs is an R&D firm whose thorough research works into the crypto market have made great contributions to the blockchain transformation trend. The firm helps to connect quality crypto projects together, forming alliances with established businesses as well as top-tier labs in the emerging industry. V2B Labs also provides early-stage incubation services and an initial BaaS platform to leverage the deployment of blockchain across different industries.

Through this partnership, DAOLaunch and V2Blabs will be working together on co-incubation of start-ups and sharing with each other valuable connections. Mutual marketing activities will be conducted to grow both communities.

About V2BLabs

V2B Labs is a visionary R&D firm engaged in blockchain services aiming to form alliances with established businesses as well as top tier labs in the emerging industry. V2B Labs is a leading laboratory in researching, investing, developing solutions, technology, products and services related to blockchain. With a $5,000,000 Grant Program, V2B Labs aims to provide financing to industry projects that contribute to the growth of the wider blockchain ecosystem.

V2B Labs is dedicated to supporting fast-executing, technical teams, blockchain experts who are highly skilled intellectual individuals, have substantial work experience and professional network in the field.

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About DAOLaunch

DAOLaunch offers retail investors preferential investment conditions depending on their investment performance recorded on the blockchain. Recorded investments are not editable, as all negotiations are all on-chain. DAOLaunch investors can brand themselves as Decentralized Venture Capitalists and much like traditional VCs, they can negotiate more favorable investment terms.

DAOLaunch aims to change the structure of shady behind-closed-door investment deals to an open and more competitive deal structure that takes place on the blockchain. This will drastically shake up the startup industry.

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