DAOLaunch announces new partnership with BAS ventures


DAOLaunch announces new partnership with BAS ventures

DAOLaunch and BAS Venture have entered into a partnership agreement with the aim of providing DAOLaunch with a wide range of connections in Vietnam and helping to increase business value.

BAS -Blockchain Alliance for Sustainability- is the blockchain branch of the DTS Digital Transformation Alliance, which has a reputation for supporting real blockchain businesses with the goal of creating a sustainable blockchain industry. BAS was created to bridge the gap between market-savvy organizations and individuals.


In addition, the DTS Digital Transformation Alliance (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam) is an alliance of reputable individuals and organizations working in areas such as e-commerce, digital services and digital technology, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and digital transformation. It was organized with the mission of improving competitiveness.

Founded in August 2020, DTS operates on the principles of objectivity, practice and creativity. With a comprehensive and structured approach, DTS aims to create real value for the Vietnamese SME community.