DAOLaunch Partners with Meji University for Blockchain Research

Pitcure of Meji University and DAOLaunch Blockchain Research

DAOLaunch Partners with Meji University for Blockchain Research

DAOLaunch will be partnering with Meiji University’s Blockchain Research Group called the Meji University Crypto-Assets and Blockchain Research Forum (MUBRF). Meiji University is one of the best universities in Japan and has a history of over 140 years.

Pitcure of Meji University and DAOLaunch

With the vision of “building a sustainable NFT ecosystem that leads to mutual social assistance”, we will work on themes such as social impact, the implementation of blockchain in economic activities, research on market trends of NFTs (non-fungible token), and the realization of its potential value in society. 

DAOLaunch can raise funds in exchange for tokens issued by the project itself, and investors can also mint NFT by staking the received tokens on DAOLaunch. The “NFT Farm” is a mechanism that casts NFTs independently, and allows the project to grant users various incentives, and provides a new use case for NFTs that is different from the past.

The Meiji University Blockchain Research Group is researching market trends and application cases of NFTs, as well as understanding the social impact that these research groups will bring. DAOLaunch will support the demonstrative research of these groups by participating in the student-led research and joining challenges for sustainable business development that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Research Group on Crypto Assets and Blockchain in Meiji University analyzes the use cases of various blockchain technologies and handling of crypto assets. 

The key areas of research focus on the rapid rise in the value of crypto that is not backed by physical economic activity, the number of opaque projects, the few mechanisms that protect investors, and the high risk of fraud and manipulation compared to the traditional securities market. 

We are conducting research based on philosophies from experts both inside and outside Japan as we learn collaboratively and contribute to blockchain’s societal growth. A key area is the analysis of problems in the finance market through crypto-assets such as exchanges present bankruptcy risk and looking into investor protection policy.

Contributing to the physical economy with the token economy using blockchain technology, and training of engineers who will lead the next generation forms another part of our research.

Additionally, we support the introduction of blockchain in corporate activities and promote empirical research to solve the social issues this evolving technology still faces. We are working on demonstrating cooperation based on socially positive themes such as “constructing a sustainable NFT ecosystem”, to verify the price validity of the NFT (non-fungible token) market, and assisting the wider community in realizing the potential value as a whole.

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