DAOLaunch partnered Ochanomizu Jazz Festival


DAOLaunch partnered Ochanomizu Jazz Festival

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DAOLaunch’s CEO Sakuro Imayama has signed an agreement with the Ochanomizu Jazz Festival Executive Committee. The festival takes place in Chiyoda, Tokyo and it is hosted by Ryudo Uzaki who serves as its general producer.

The Ochanomizu Jazz Festival takes lead as one of the first companies of its kind to experiment with NFT utilities for its future endeavors. Their I-NFT (Incentive NFT) will be published on DAOLaunch’s NFT platform and the partnership aims to give fans of the orchestra a new method of interacting with the band through NFTs.

The DAOLaunch beta version has been released which allows users access to creating amazing DeFi products.

The Ochanomizu Jazz Festival is linked to various festivals in the Chiyo-ku area through music. Formed as an activity to revitalize the town of Chiyo-ku through music, its history of more than 15 years has faced a large typhoon and suffered loss from the coronavirus — with postponements affecting its flow. The festival still stands strong, having moved to an online format last year and our team watched the “Ochanomizu Jazz Festival Online”.

DAOLaunch has signed an agreement to support the upcoming festival this time around, which will also be supported by students of the Meiomachizukuri Dojo. The festival aims to produce a high-quality experience that will be emotionally and visually led.

Additionally, the ‘new use cases of NFTs’ provided by DAOLaunch will be a great addition to both the jazz festival and the artists who aim to deliver world-class performances to the world. We will continue to provide rolling support to the festival and our users, and we also aim to generate new synergies for distributing tokens digitally.

NFT x Jazz Concert

A NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a crypto asset issues on the blockchain with unique identification codes that distinguish them from the other. This technology has attracted users because of its growing status as a growing asset of value.

The early of NFTs were dominated by digital art, as some pieces fetched valuations of millions of dollars. But NFTs are beginning to be known for more than being a storage of value, their use cases are slowly making headlines.

A leading use case of NFTs is the conversion of the viewing rights of an online live video into an electronic NFT ticket. The buyer of the original ticket can resell it at a higher price. DAOLaunch allows artists and event organizers to easily issue these NFTS and distribute them on a secondary market.

Benefits of NFTs

NFT is issued by utilizing the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards of the Ethereum blockchain and has the following advantages.

Uniqueness: All NFTs have identifiers, and it is possible to issue a unique or limited number of tokens. Also, due to the technical characteristics of the blockchain, it cannot be tampered with or duplicated.

Ownership: By recording the owner on the blockchain, it is possible to prove the owner on digital data. In addition, even if the owner is transferred, all the history is recorded.

Secondary Market: It is possible to buy and sell with crypto assets, to create a secondary market for P2P sales. It is also possible to automatically distribute a part of the profit to the NFT issuer when the owner is transferred by the smartcontract.

What is Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival?

Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival Executive Committee 2020

The 1st Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival in 2007, led by musician Ryudo Uzaki, lyricist Suzuko Aki, and Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival executive committee (Rakuyukai: Light Music Circle OB Association, etc.) with the concept of “town revitalization through music”. The Ochanomizu Jazz Festival and Meiji University collaborated for the 14th time.

Reference image production: Meidai Town Development Dojo Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival Team
* Performers hosted last year
▼ 13th Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival Online Performing Artist:
・ Lisa Kono
・ Hanzaki Miko with One Night Jam Session Band
・ Yukko Mirror
General Producer: Uzaki
Organizer: Tea Water JAZZ Festival Executive Committee

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