Diving Into Caduceus: AMA Recap with DAOLaunch

AMA Recap

Diving Into Caduceus: AMA Recap with DAOLaunch

DAOLaunchers! Let’s dive into Caduceus, the L1 metaverse project that conducted their IDO on DAOLaunch. We’re glad to share the AMA with our community in the transcript below. Caduceus is an underlying infrastructure-level open blockchain platform that focuses on providing computing power and rendering resources for Metaverse manufacturers, all this is based on blockchain technology and edge computing technology.

Basic Information

Time: 2PM UTC | June 29

Project name: Caduceus

Host: Reza Datoo from DAOLaunch (Reza/ DAOLaunch)

Guest speakers: CTO Of Caduceus (Matt)

Reza/ DAOLaunch

Could you please make a quick intro about you & your project?


Sure thing 🙂 Caduceus is an underlying infrastructure-level open blockchain platform that focuses on providing computing power and rendering resources for Metaverse manufacturers, all this is based on blockchain technology and edge computing technology.

The project has a team of super professionals with deep experience in blockchain, DeFi, software development, finance, retail, music, art, media, and entertainment. We brought together all of these professionals from many fields to provide you with an experienced team with a deep passion for the emerging Metaverse.

Reza/ DAOLaunch

That’s awesome. Good to see a well rounded and balanced team!


Some are more round that others 😉

Reza/ DAOLaunch

Can you talk a little bit about your project so that the DaoLaunch community can better understand?


Yes indeed, we believe computing and rendering are technical areas that have received little attention at present, but are crucial to the Metaverse. The immersive world shared by multiple people and interacting in real time in the Metaverse concept requires a lot of computing power and the support of realistic graphics rendering technology. The metaverse will have the highest computing power requirements in human history, and what Caduceus is doing is building the atomic-scale that is integral to the Metaverse.

In recent years, we have been working hard to build a metaverse protocol that provides services such as decentralised rendering, edge computing, 3D technology, and XR extended reality technology for metaverse developers and creators. GPU-based computing resources are the core of our business, and will provide services not limited to film and television, traditional games, AI and even things we cant imagine yet.

Currently, our business focus is the Metaverse, film and television, etc.

In terms of tech, we have nearly 4 years of research and development under our belt, and our self-developed metaverse identity system, metaverse editor, and GPU mining products will also be officially announced this year. All based on a decentralised, fully modular, open blockchain with lower transaction costs, faster speed and higher security than any other public chain.

Reza/ DAOLaunch

You said “recent years”, for how long have the Caduceus team been involved in the project?


The team, in parts, have worked together in different forms, in different companies, founding them and running them for over a decade. In Caduceus, this is the first time, we’ve all been together on one place 🙂

Reza/ DAOLaunch

Also, side question. What does the name “Caduceus” mean?


Yes, Caduceus is the staff (the rod) of Hermes. Hermes not just a very cool clothing brand. He is also the messenger of the Greek Gods. Its also a very well know medical symbol, as made popular by doctors and the popular TV show House MD. It represents the double helix, but for us, its the DNA of the blockchain and Metaverse.

Reza/ DAOLaunch

I learnt that you just reconstructed the P2P module and adopted a 3-layer P2P communication network architecture to form a high-speed P2P network with a scale of millions of network nodes. Can you expatiate on the 3-layer of P2P network you adopted?


Caduceus adopts a three-layer P2P network architecture: topology network, hypercube and DHP network (storage) structure.

The topology network structure is responsible for the communication between the intercontinental areas, and has the characteristics of high reliability, low delay, strong flexibility, high throughput network.

Hypercube code is responsible for the communication between the MAN nodes, so that the in a limited time range, the consumption is less, more nodes can be supported, the transmission time is shorter, and the broadcast time can also be controlled within a limited time.

The DHP network (storage) structure is a consensus storage node, IPFS node and Communication layer for edge render nodes.

💪 all in all some very intense code as you can imagine 🙂

Reza/ DAOLaunch

much technical


In summary : the network communication layer, Caduceus adopts a 3-layer semi-structured P2P network, the topology layer reduces network connectivity, the hypercube layer realizes fast and efficient broadcasting, and the edge computing layer is responsible for distributed storage and edge rendering, resulting in a bandwidth of 200Mbps and no delay.

The three-layer P2P network architecture of Caduceus will serve as the value basis for the ultimate benefit of all Caduceus ecosystems and developers, and we believe truly reflects the original principles of the development of the Metaverse.

Reza/ DAOLaunch

How do holders of the CMP Tokens benefit in the ecosystem? What power within your model do $CMP individuals hold? Why is it so attractive and what are the basic requirements to participate in the long term?

CMP is the native token in the Caduceus Metaverse protocol, and it is also a vital part of the Caduceus Metaverse ecology. We see CMP as the bridge that connects the real world and the virtual world.

Enterprise users can use CMP to exchange GPU computing power provided by Caduceus global computing nodes, flexibly use massive computing resources, improve computing efficiency, shorten rendering cycles and obtain higher-quality metaverse development scenarios at a much lower cost. Caduceus uses CMP as a reward to create a C2B open system allowing all networked devices to participate in contributing idle GPU computing resources, expand Caduceus global computing nodes to finally achieve supply and demand between enterprises and users with mutual benefits.

In addition, CMP can also be used as a circulation medium for ecological applications on the Caduceus chain. For example, 3D NFT brand HAPE will be introducing CMP as a circulation medium, so that project fans can directly use CMP to interact with the application and further provide liquidity support.

We believe the Metaverse is not a place where every project and company creates their own tokenomics, otherwise the space is too confusing for consumers constantly changing tokens for coins. CMP can be used as a Metaverse currency for all partners and projects working with Caduceus.

Token-related mechanisms will be announced in Q2/Q3 in 2022, including the introduction of the pledge function of decentralised computing power nodes, pledge of CMP to obtain ecological application tokens and NFT, etc., to better enrich the use value of CMP and scene, forming a closed loop of the project’s ecological economy.

Caduceus is EVM compatible already, supporting all your favorite ERC-xxx contracts for NFTs etc.

As a piece back to our community, before the Caduceus token $CMP listing, the official community will conduct engaging  follow-up reward driven activities. Cadets (our community members) who meet the requirements have the opportunity to get the Caduceus limited Community NFT Badge and these NFT holders will have privileges in the Caduceus system.

Reza/ DAOLaunch

Do you have a plan or interest in expanding the use of Metaverse  in high potential but disadvantaged areas such as Africa and the Middle East? What advice do you have for people eager to enter and experience this emerging world?


Good question, being a decentralised blockchain – we are actually open for use anywhere. The blockchain nodes can be run on any system, and as we are dPOS as a consensus mechanism, it doesn’t require high end GPU hardware. The shared GPU tech for distributed cloud edge rendering does of course need this if you want your node to participate in that feature.

Our recommendation would be to download and run our node code when its publically available – which will be very soon.

Reza/ DAOLaunch

We know that the current market situation is volatile, and this instability is holding back investors. Can you give us some good reasons why we should buy Caduceus $CMP tokens in this current climate?


Yeah its wild time out there right now, but this is endemic of a wider economic situation. Caduceus and CMP has been created and developed by internationally renowned investors and blockchain experts, Caduceus is the first decentralised edge rendering metaverse protocol. We believe that whoever comes out the other side of this economic wave, will be much stronger. Caduceus being one of them.

The $4 million Series A strategic financing has just closed less than 3 months ago, and our second strategic financing round is nearing completion. And in a short period of time, the number of cooperative applications on the chain has reached nearly 40, and the total number of community members has exceeded 100,000. 💪 🚀

Many of these leading VCs, crypto investment firms, movie stars, and sports stars are supporters of Caduceus. Our current goal will be to carry out a large number of cross-industry cooperation with leading Web2 companies, fashion brands, film and television IP, sports/film and television stars, and artists, to create popular applications of the Metaverse, and to create the diversified development of the Caduceus Metaverse.

As the value support of the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol, CMP ensures that all networked devices generate value in the process of contributing idle GPU computing resources, thereby maintaining the development of the computing power of the Caduceus network.

At the same time, developers also need to use CMP to exchange massive computing resources. Improve computing efficiency, shorten rendering cycle, and obtain better metaverse development scenarios at low cost. CMP carries the Caduceus ecological rights and circulation attributes. In the past IDOs and IWOs, $CMP also set the fastest sales records and 100 times over-subscription records of multiple platforms.

Reza/ DAOLaunch

I think one of the problems with blockchain platforms to reach mass adoption is the number of regular users. What’s your plan to attract users to Caduceus?


100% right, its the hardest thing. We have been working hard to build a metaverse protocol that provides services such as decentralised rendering, edge computing, 3D technology, and XR extended reality technology for metaverse developers and creators.

Developers can unlock maximum productivity at extremely low cost. On Caduceus, developers can mobilise more wisdom and do a lot of experiments with lower trial and error costs and a purer environment to realise some assumptions. This all relies on the original blockchain underlying technology architecture of Caduceus’ deep modularity, assemblability, and high-performance parallel execution. Different from other open source blockchain projects, Caduceus supports one-click deployment of smart contracts, greatly reduces development costs and learning costs, provides lightweight interfaces, and greatly reduces the development difficulty of developers.

Users can jump out of a single role. In the ecology of the Caduceus metaverse, a very critical role is the creator, because individual creations can be widely disseminated, motivated and recognized. In this way, the intellectual value of creators can be separated from a closed ecology, and their identities will be more diversified. Users can achieve a paradigm shift and naturally become ecological builders.

For Caduceus, building a global community is also a test we need to face, which is also a key problem in the industry. We are striving to create an active community with long-term participation. In the community, everyone has a valuable consensus, agrees with the development concept of the project, and is willing to participate in the construction of the community.

At the same time, they also have the opportunity to enjoy the economic returns brought by the growth of the project. As an indispensable part of the Caduceus Metaverse, the Caduceus community welcomes all like-minded partners. Our community will give each member the opportunity and right to participate in the project construction, learn from each other and grow.


About Cadaceus

Caduceus is an underlying infrastructure-level open blockchain platform that focuses on providing computing power and rendering resources for Metaverse manufacturers, all this is based on blockchain technology and edge computing technology.

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