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Become a Decentralized Venture Capitalist, negotiate better investment terms the same way traditional VC firms do today. Change closed investment deals to open and more competitive deals – all on-chain.

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04 Steps

01. Connect to DApp
Connect to the DAOLaunch DApp with Metamask and connect the wallet. Using Formatic, you can easily create and connect with your email address.
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02. Research projects
On the DApp, full project details are available, as well as project details, Funding status, Exit information. Please make sure to check them out and learn more about projects before join tokensales.
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03. Invest
When the project sales start, you can invest in of your favorite project. In some cases, you will be required to be whitelisted.
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04. Support The Project
Join the project’s community and help the project reach more people by spreading the word about it on your social media platforms.
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Connect Startups and Investors on blockchain,
We aim for a fair launch.

Where is the best choice
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Popular Choice
Equity Crowdfunding
Product Crowdfunding
  • Exit
  • Funding Medium
  • Investors
  • Fundraising Borders
  • Provided Tools for Startup
  • Due Diligence
  • Grant system
  • Pioneer into huge Market
  • Smart-Contract Secured
  • Tokens & NFT
  • Decentralized VC
  • Across borders
  • Highly Functional Finance creation features
  • Decentralized
  • YES
  • Auction & Lending VC entity on NFT marketplace
  • Add LP manually
  • Tokens
  • Mass-Retail Investors
  • Across borders
  • Project Pitch
  • Centralized
  • No
  • No
  • Not secured
  • Stock
  • Mass-Retail Investors
  • Limited & Restricted
  • Project Pitch
  • Centralized
  • No
  • No
  • Product-only
  • Product
  • Mass-Retail Investors
  • Limited & Restricted
  • Project Pitch
  • Centralized
  • No
  • No

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See our plan for expanding and advancing the DAOLaunch

Dec, 2020

Idea Development

Venture capital decentralization concept and idea development begin.

Q1 2021

Completed Raise Funding at Private Sale.

The 1st round of private sale was held in April. After that, the 2nd round was held in June and the target amount of funds raised was achieved.

Q2 2021

Conclude partnerships with top runners in each industry

Concluded partnerships with “Ochanomizu JAZZ Festiva”, “Meiji University Crypto-Assets and Blockchain Research Forum”, “BAS ventures”, “FAM Central”, “BAP ventures”, and “Defi Warrior”.

March 8, 2021

Beta version Dapp released.

We have released the beta version (Ver1.0) of the product compatible with ERC20 and BEP20.

Q3 2021

Completed Raise funding at Seed Round

White paper, pitch deck, document creation for investors. and Completed Raise funding at Seed Round.


Q4 2021

Dapp ver2.0 release with NFT Farm implemented

  • Build NFT Farm
  • NFT farm launch made by startup
  • NFT farm pool launch exclusively for DAL tokens
  • NFTdrop Promote
  • Farm trade marketplace
Dec 3, 2021

DAL token IDO & Listing AMM

  • DAL token IDO & Listing AMM
  • Seed token portfolio NFT creation
  • NFT Portfolio Vault
  • Decentralized Venture Capital NFT(DVC-NFT)
  • Investment Grade
  • Decentralized Voting features
  • Voting-Tier Allocation
January, 2022

Six startups are set to launch on DAOLaunch

  • 6 projects currently confirmed will be held on DAOLaunch platform.
  • Cryptocurrency based project, Japanese traditional crafts, IDOL content maker, music events and charity funds.
Q1 2022

Dapp ver3.0 release

  • Decentralized Advisor Governance
  • Auction/Lending market for NFT portfolio
  • Integrate DAICO
  • Easy & Flexibly design DAO Governance for startup

Our experienced experts

The DAOLaunch team consists of 2 Japanese founders, 3 Core Marketers from United Kingdom, South Africa and Dubai, 14 talented engineers from Vietnam. and, many other supporters.

– Our Vision –
Connect Startups and Investors on blockchain, remove third-parties to bring new innovation into startups investment.
DAOLaunch is decentralized fundraising platform, we aims that anyone to seamlessly create and support new economic across borders, anyone branding themselves as Decentralized Venture Capital, obtain preferable investment conditions depending on their investment performance.

Sakuro Imayama

Co-Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & CTO

Kaletso Phiri

Head of PR and Marketing

Abdullah Abbas

Head of Investments

Reza Datoo

Head of Community

Seiya Chida

Investment Lead

Mai Ly Duong

Marketing Executive



Co-Founding Artist of First Bid Foundation

Known as Art Designer, Collector, Resource Connector. Supports many artists and always challenge some collaboration with ART*MUSIC*NFTs* ”something value else”.
Loves to learn DAO, confirm the potential of Decentralized Social Impact Bond for social issue in the world. At the same time, also thinks quite important that people should take learning program before joining DeFi field to reduce the risk of DeFi.

Wasim Fukase

Investor & Advisor

Based in Dubai as an investor and advisory to multiple industries since 2014.
He is involved in multiple of businesses from startup to Fortune 500 companies around the world including in blockchain technology, finance, renewable energy, information technology, marketing, etc.


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