How to Claim Tickets on DAOLaunch and Join the OchanoMizu Festival 


How to Claim Tickets on DAOLaunch and Join the OchanoMizu Festival 

Dear DAOLaunchers, today we are proud to announce how to access Ochanomizu Jazz NFT event

*Only users who participated in the gleam campaign are whitelisted for this NFT, don’t worry if you didn’t participate there’s still time.


How to claim your ticket on DAOLaunch 

1. Join NFT Concert Gleam Giveaway campaign
Enter the Gleam campaign


2. Visit the dApp and Connect your wallet to the Polygon network


3. Go to “Secret Room’ to claim your ticket


4. Click on the “claim NFT” button
  • Before Confirming please make sure to edit the gas fee
  • Set to 200000 and selected ‘High’
  • Confirm the Transaction
  • Sometimes the transaction can fail, view your account on to make sure the transaction went through


Detailed video instructions




How to use the NFT to access the Jazz Concert

1. Visit 


2. Click “ENTRANCE”


3. You will be directed to the following page, please use your wallet that you hold the NFT to ‘Approve NFT Ticket’.


4. Sign the message, enjoy some good Jazz concert


Detailed video instructions


The Ochanomizu Culture Festival 2022

What is the Ochanomizu Jazz Festival?

The Ochanomizu Jazz Festival is a music festival that has been around for 15 years and aims to revitalize the town of Chiyo-ku through music. DAOLaunch officially partnered with the Ochanomizu Jazz Festival last year and parties have been in planning to host a music festival using blockchain technology and NFTs.

Holders of the NFT ticket will gain access to the concert from anywhere in the world. DAOLaunch partnered with the Meiji University Blockchain Study Group as part of a social demonstration experiment named “JAZZ x NFT”. 

The ticket NFT was designed by NFT artist Veronika (mellyverdes) who is active in the NFT world.
The limited NFTfor the festival can be obtained from DAOLaunch’s NFT Farm (DAL Drop). The DAL Drop is a new platform that allows users to receive NFTs by staking $DAL tokens issued by DAOLaunch.

Ochanomizu Festival Information !!