Top 5 Most Interesting Takeaways From Sugar Kingdom

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Top 5 Most Interesting Takeaways From Sugar Kingdom

We are incredibly excited to share with you the Top 5 Most Interesting Takeaways from our latest upcoming IDO Project: Sugar Kingdom! DAOLaunch will host Sugar Kindom’s IDO on the 7th of March 2021 at 10 AM (UTC). is a videogame forged from the most beloved game mechanics of its genre, based on top-tier Match-3 experiences worldwide. Users are able to compete in lucrative tournaments, build their own sweet kingdoms — many surprises await! The gameplay is thrilling and delightful: its outstanding flow will keep you coming back for more!

  • Stellar Team 

The Sugar Kingdom Metaverse is brought to life by an accomplished team of brilliant and experienced professionals (more than 20 members) — sharing team members with Lead Blue Chip Projects

The Sandbox’s Head of Design, Marcelo Crespo, currently partakes in the role of Sugar Kingdom’s Art Director. The Sandbox is one of the Lead Metaverses within the market, with more than 2 million users! Marcelo brings his invaluable experience & insight into the Sugar Kingdom with one objective: the craft of a spectacular experience with state-of-the-art design. Marcelo Cotrofe, former-Sandbox expert joins Sugar Kingdom as the Project’s Senior Software Manager

Sugar Kingdom boasts an additional remarkable hire: Pablo Moauro, the Project’s Chief Finance Officer (CFO). Pablo is the Chief Economist of the Argentine Bank Association. Being the Head of the Monetary Policy Analysis and Definition of Strategic Issues, his unparalleled experience ensures robust economic sustainability. 

DAOLaunch and Sugar Kingdom also share an Advisor: Kirubakaran Reddy, an expertly and well-connected professional within the Blockchain Rationale.


  • Game Features

Sugar Kingdom combines the diversity of exciting Match-3 gameplay styles —that anyone can enjoy— with the fascination for world-building and social interaction. 


  • Sweet Mode: The Go-To Player vs Computer Experience, first to make landfall within the platform. Players face an exciting race against time, aiming to make as many CANDY Tokens as possible in a test of skill and perception.


  • Duel Mode: The challenge of Time, as faced in Sweet Mode, is now replaced by the premise of competing against a real opponent: whoever makes the most points shall remain victorious!


  • Savage Mode: The stakes get higher than ever when Duel Mode’s PvP experience is combined with the possibility to make bets. Players can compete in order to win large amounts of income. Great risk, great reward!


  • Lands: Players can participate in the rise of the Sugar Kingdom Metaverse becoming Owners of their very own plot of Land. In it they can host games for a profit, build various enterprises and landmarks that will raise them in Prestige and Earnings and even become part of the Kingdom’s Royalty, accessing unique and secret privileges! Non-owners can join the fun as well, as everything made within a Land is there for them to play with and benefit from.

3. Token Utilities and Burning Mechanisms

  • $CANDY: The Utility Token of the Platform. Employed by Players to Bet and Play within the platform, as well as buy NFTs between other operations.


  • $CHOCOLATE: The Governance Token. Minted by Users’ participation and CANDY Staking. It will have a significant impact on the future decisions of the DAO and the Long-Term Development of the Platform. 


  • $COOKIE: The Synthetic Token that exists exclusively within the game. It serves as the complement for the CANDY Token, providing access to specific products in the Platform.

The Savage Game Mode in itself functions as a Burning Mechanism for the platform. Users who had previously acquired $CANDY tokens can invest them into lucrative bets on the competitive scene of Sugar Kingdom. A percentage of the total bet is automatically burnt.

Sugar Kingdom will be available 1 week after TGE


4. Marketing 

Sugar Kingdom currently boasts a following of up to 100.000 users between its Twitter account and its other social platforms with minimal Marketing investments, thanks to its organic attractiveness.

Maker’s Growth’s Head Of Strategy, Mariano Di Pietrantonio, contributes his invaluable knowledge, insight and expertise as Sugar Kingdom’s Marketing Lead Advisor. With his assistance, the platform rises as one of the Top-Interests for Blockchain Investors as of 2022.  

Sugar Kingdom’s Community is strong and vibrant, and it is well-known that the backbone of any quality project is its brawn! Sugar Kingdom has announced partnerships with ZBS Capital, Moonstarter, Dutch Crypto Investors and many more. Together with strong support from fans all over the world, Sugar Kingdom is certainly an incredibly interesting proposition for the ecosystem. 


5. Celebrity and Food Brand Collaborations and Roaring Business Model

Sugar Kingdom is, as of right now, in cooperation with various Celebrities and Famous Food Brands. In the journey to create the sweetest metaverse, the Sugar Kingdom Project will soon reveal itself to the world in tandem with their charming personalities and the tastiest flavors. Make sure you stay tuned: you are in to meet some familiar faces and enjoy quite a treat! 

Sugar Kingdom’s Business Model is heavily inspired by games in the Fiat World with no age or gender limit. This validation is conceived within the Derisk Methodology, widening its market reach while simultaneously ensuring the Project’s Success.



About Sugar Kingdom is a game with world-renowned match-3 game mechanics, combined with the sweetest Metaverse, where users can participate in tournaments, create their own chocolate factory, and much more! It is engaging and challenging, with a catching experience.

Main goal is to be the sweetest and most played game. Being age-neutral and suitable for all ages. Sugar Kingdom has Defi features, as well as various other mechanisms of attraction and retention. Also it incorporates traditional food brands into LANDs system!

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About DAOLaunch

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DAOLaunch offers retail investors preferential investment conditions depending on their investment performance recorded on the blockchain. Recorded investments are not editable, as all negotiations are all on-chain. DAOLaunch investors can brand themselves as Decentralized Venture Capitalists and much like traditional VCs, they can negotiate more favorable investment terms.

DAOLaunch aims to change the structure of shady behind-closed-door investment deals to an open and more competitive deal structure that takes place on the blockchain. This will drastically shake up the startup industry.

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